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Little kids learning games is a collection of games/puzzles for preschool children.To teach your pre-k kiddo color, shapes, fruits, vegetables, English Alphabet, abc phonics, counting numbers, creatures (animals) , Musical notes, basic piano and tracing.The interactive learning is a great mode of education as children enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners.

Fourteen high quality toddler games for 2-4 year old, keeps the kid enchanted with the experience of the kids fun games. The learning based toddlers educational activities are perfect for kids to inculcate inquisitiveness in their early childhood.

The educational games for children encourage to learn at their own pace. No winning and no losing keep the kid amused for hours. Rewards and appreciation earned at the end of each activity boost the kid’s morale.Each quiz in itself act as baby toy for the little ones. Adorable stickers can be collected in a box after scoring enough points.

  • Colourful games to teach kids learning basics.
  • Frequent repetition to help children learn.
  • Easy games for kids. Kid’s friendly interface.
  • Beautiful stickers to earn.
  • Enticing Graphics and amazing colors.
  • Quizzes to enhance hand eye co-ordination and motor skills of the child (Balloon Fun and Balloon pop).
  • Free learning games for toddlers and Free play.
List of Games
  • Hanging fruits
  • Sea Wonder
  • Floating bubbles
  • Hungry frog
  • Match the shadow
  • Scratch to reveal
  • Color Fun
  • Underwater catch
  • Balloon pop
  • Jigsaw Puzzle

Nice cute app for toddlers: Simple games and cute graphics for small kids

Peeyush K from United Kingdom about Kids Toddler Learning Games (IOS) on Jan 18, 2016

Awesome app: Really a great app for kids. They are learning the basic concepts while playing this app.

Sushma from India about Kids Toddler Learning Games (IOS) on Jan 18, 2016

Perfect Toddler App: This is the PERFECT app for toddlers. I have downloaded, deleted, and repeated with several different apps trying to find great learning tools such as this! 18 months to 3 years and the app is an amaing learning tool! Thank you providers!

Angela Russell about Kids Toddler Learning Games (Android) on Jan 29, 2016

Kids love it: My kids love it so much I had to down load it on my tablet and phone so they don't fight its so easy great for learning.

Jennifer Huntley about Kids Toddler Learning Games (Android) on Jan 26, 2016

My daughter loves otimooo

Sabrina from Brazil about Kids Toddler Learning Games (Windows Store) on Feb 20, 2016

Great, a lot of games of skill for a toddler:)

Jolanta from Poland about Kids Toddler Learning Games (Windows Store) on Feb 07, 2016

Parents Corner and Kids Toddler Learning Games: Truly an excellent learning tool for toddlers growing up within this tech era, and generation of pushing boundaries of learning development.

Unknown User from United States about Kids Toddler Learning Games (Windows Store) on Feb 07, 2016

Good games for toddlers: Very good app for toddlers loved it

Vijay Katoch from India about Kids Toddler Learning Games (Android) on Jan 17, 2016
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